People who knock on bathroom doors and instantly try to open the door without waiting for a response, why?

When we (about 6 of us, number always varied time to time) were crowded into a two bed home in London on our first job, we didn’t complain. For finding a job abroad for many of us was a ‘dream come true!’

The bathroom was where we found we had had nothing to hide or cover up in a friendship. And imagine how tough to wake up at the same time & rush to report to duty at the same time.

So we used barge in and share the bathrooms too for our daily routine. While one’s taking a shower (of course with the curtain on), the other would use the loo or go for a quick shave or trims.

No one could wait to knock the door to the bathroom as we frequented the god-damn private space as though we were visiting a mall in Bangalore.

I haven’t said a word about how ghastly the scene was in Wembley when I had visited (as a guest) a similar flat where girls were waiting to use the bathroom in a never-ending queue. All inside Indian-infested homes in Western countries. So sad!