Caution: Viewer’s discretion advised. Emergency trauma care ambulance broke down, midway. Owing to gas gone empty. Relatives of the poor & dying patient got down, pushed the vehicle desperately towards hospital for one last-ditched attempt to save the life. All fell futile. Patient was declared dead on arrival. (News from Rajasthan, India).


Location: a temple in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. News: A litmus test for disciples to prove if they had done good deeds in the past or not. This lady in question is stuck. Not because she’d done bad in the past but because she didn’t know if she could pull through her plus size in that small exit. As the news in Tamil didn’t clearly mention if she had found the safe passage out, one prays she should call the emergency for help. Leave alone she should call god for a quick relief. Is this a Catch 22?